Investment in your twenties

investing early

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Investing is as important as earning money. The sooner you start the better your future looks. Twenties is the best time to start investing, no matter in small amount. Lets take a look at various options where you can invest your money and watch them grow. Some of the investment destinations could be:

  1. Stocks
  2. Real estate
  3. Mutual funds
  4. Currency markets
  5. Self grooming/learning

Investing with stocks is one of the return intensive but risky area if you are not aware enough about how markets work. If you plan to invest in stocks then your first thing should be to learn technical/fundamental analysis strategies. Its easy to earn in stock markets if you can get the feel of it, but at the same time it is even much easier to lose chunks if you just speculate or invest without doing technical/fundamental analysis. So learning about them is required before you actually begin.

Real Estate:
This is one of the most potential area to invest with the pre-requisite of having bulk money to invest in. You can get most out of it if you work on following areas before making any investment:

  • Legality associated with buying/selling property
  • Understanding associated risks and guard against them
  • Selecting best options in terms of location/affordability/re-sellability/max risk associated if any

However investing with real estate by taking loans is NEVER advised as your actual returns are always less than what it seems.

Mutual Funds:
This is one of the most preferred investment means by many investors as it contains less risk than stock markets – since experts handle your portfolio and has considerable amount of returns. You have many options to invest like:

  • Equity funds
  • Sector specific
  • Index based
  • Diversified
  • Balanced
  • Debt
  • Tax savers, etc

You have investment modes like:

  • Lump sum investment
  • SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)

Currency Markets:
One of the most volatile market. It could earn you treasures in minutes and lose even more if you are not a pro. These markets are highly risky so you should first of learn technical/fundamental analysis and have mock trades before you actually jump into the markets.

By self-grooming what I mean is focusing more and more on learning. If you are interested in investing then follow some good blogs or books on investing and managing money. If you are interested in technology then read more about it. If interested in reading (in general) follow that. No matter what but if you are reading more and more good stuff it can earn you as well. It can earn you wisdom, knowledge and guess what you can use this knowledge at various online platforms to earn for yourself, for instance:

  • To write book reviews
  • To write reviews for gadgets
  • Referring gadgets and earning by posting links to buy them (like amazon links)
  • Starting your own blog of your passionate field (and earn through advertisements on your blog)
I firmly believe the knowledge gained by you through learning is never wasted. And you are not bound by your age to start learning.

As it is rightly said: “An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

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