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Value versus Growth Investing

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Growth and value investing are one of the most debated topics in the investment world and one has to understand both these approaches before adopting one over the other. So let us first look at both of them and then try to bring out contrasts in them. Growth Investing: Investors advocating growth investing believe that the stocks that have been delivering better than the average earnings-growth and look promising to do so in future are […]

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Fundamental Analysis:

Fundamental analysis

While analyzing a company analysts may choose either of the views from technical or fundamental analysis. Both of these form two separate schools of thought. While Technical analysis emphasizes on historic price of a stock and fundamental analysis looks for the true value of the firm under consideration. For performing fundamental analysis the objective of the analyst is to reach at the true or fair value which is more often known as intrinsic value. For doing so […]

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Horizontal vs Vertical analysis:

stock fundamental analysis

While analysing the companies fundamentally, two methods are adopted widely. These methods are: horizontal analysis, and vertical analysis of the financial results/numbers. Whenever we analyse a business fundamentally, we try to judge it’s performance in the past and hence extrapolate the futuristic performance. To do this we need some benchmark to look for the growth or contraction in the financial results and the method to create such benchmark or the way to look at the […]

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Selecting a stock for investment:

invest in stocks

Earning handsome profits from the stock markets have been a dream and desire for many but how many actually make this a reality matters at the end. In order to earn huge profits an investor should make few primary decisions before deciding the target stock to park the hard earned money. Some of the utmost important decisions do include the selection of: Sector /sectors to invest Specific stocks with the highest growth potential Right time […]

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How to earn profit from stock markets!!!

How to invest in stocks

People have been soo crazy to earn millions from the stock markets. But what they lack is the proper knowledge of where to park their money to earn maximum returns. Stock market is a place where we can definitely earn huge profits but it requires a little bit of effort from our side too. And that effort does not call for earning degrees from highly reputed colleges or undergoing training sessions under big brands. But […]

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How to earn money through investing in stocks ???

Investing in stocks

Stock market is not much different than a cup of hot coffee. You would desperately think to have a big gulp, but having it instantaneously could leave you with blisters. Similarly stock market is something where you eagerly wish to get your investments done and then reap great profits. But if you adopt a wrong strategy or add unsuitable stocks in your basket then it is going to burn deep holes in your pocket. So […]

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