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Identifying support and resistance for stocks:

stocks support level

While trading in stocks one should be quite aware of the support and resistance levels being held by the stocks in order to identify an appropriate timing for entry and exit from the counter. The identification of these levels is absolutely an easy task. We could locate these points just by looking at the stock charts which are quite readily available on various financial websites.   Identify support levels: Let us take a recent example […]

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ECB rate cut seen as a recent relief:

ECB rate cut

The European Central Bank (ECB) cut it’s benchmark interest rates to an all time low at 0.75% from the earlier level of 1.00% . This rate cut of 25 basis points is done as a measure to boost liquidity in the markets. Even the overnight deposit rate has been brought down at zero percent. The ECB president Mario Draghi made the interest rate changes to bring an effective liquidity in the Eurozone’s banking system in […]

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